About us

Where we have come from, and where we are going.

Our Story

Thank you for visting Modena Technologies – your trusted design technology partner.

Modena Technologies, along with the other member companies of the Modena Group, is a predominantly family-owned enterprise, run by a diverse pool of talented individuals both inside and outside the family. Our roots lie in Modena, the Northern Italian town (and our family name) famous for its food culture, its balsamic vinegar and of course, for being the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the racing and sport car manufacturer – Ferrari.

By contrast, our headquarters are situated in the magnificent city of Cape Town, South Africa.

As a company we draw inspiration from both locations.

What we do

We at Modena Technologies provide consulting services, hardware and software in the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC); as well as the Product Design, Manufacturing and Mining Industries.

You’re welcome to take a moment to read more about our full range of services, consulting (AEC & PDM) and training offerings, as well as hardware and software products available for purchase.

How we do it

As Autodesk’s largest partner on the African continent, with more than 70 highly-skilled personnel across branches, Modena Technologies has the combined expertise and experience to analyse needs, then recommend, implement and support the world’s leading design technology solutions. We have been serving our clients throughout the Western Cape, and along with our other Modena branches, the rest of Southern Africa for over 20 years.

Being an Autodesk Platinum partner means that we maintain and exceed a global level standard of excellence and are proud recipients of multiple Autodesk Platinum Club Awards.

Why we do it

We are passionate about technology and people. We look toward the future and see opportunities in all challenges ahead. But more than that, we delight in helping our customers grow their opportunities, win more deals and ultimately succeed; because we know that their success is our success too.

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International Business

We find that that our fees are very competitive, and believe that companies looking for cost-savings should give Modena their consideration.  We believe that we can afford to offer competitive rates as our basic cost base is lower, and as the UK/SA, Pound/Rand exchange rate favours UK operators. Thus, we offer our virtual services at local rates across the world.

Looking Ahead

We look forward to the future, to the challenges and opportunities that it presents. Most of all, we look forward to partnering with you and your company, and forming a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship, so that you can experience all we have to offer.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin our journey.

Companies that trust us

BIM for Building

BIM for Infrastructure

Process Plant Solutions

Digital Prototyping, Manufacturing & Marine