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Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Streamline and digitize your processes through digital transformation, connected cloud services, and the power of Building Information Modelling.

Product Design, Manufacturing & Mining

Automate your workflows - from conceptual design and digital prototypes to automated design and manufacturing processes. Reduce cost, production time and save on costly rework.

Data Management & Business Solutions

Manage your data, for increased security, accessibility and collaboration via onsite and cloud-based data management solutions.

Ready to start planning

Workflow Assessment

We help you get a full picture of how your team is currently working and make recommendations to streamline your workflow. 

Our team has impressive cross-industry experience and this enables us to offer you fresh perspectives on your current workflow. 

We may make recommendations on hardware and IT infrastructure requirements, software that will enhance your productivity and training to upskill your staff and fill any skill gaps.

Hit the ground running

Implementation and Template Setup

You’re at the beginning of your journey into BIM. If your team still needs to be trained in Revit Fundamentals, be sure to check out our training offerings.

The moment training is completed, teams are often required to “hit the ground running”. This is often a mammoth task as it requires advanced software and industry knowledge to translate your CAD standards into Revit (and BIM).

This is where we can assist your team with Revit Template setup and implementation guidance on their first live BIM project.


Model Health Check

Your team is well versed in Revit by now, but you’re not quite sure if you’re on the exact right path. 

Not to worry, we do an in-depth Model Health Check to highlight any inefficiencies, bad habits and skills gaps. You receive a detailed report with recommendations, graded by severity, so you can choose what to rectify first. 

This is also an ideal stage at which to explore some of the more advanced training courses we have on offer.

The race to the top

Collaboration, On-project support

Your team is confident in their workflow. You’re winning jobs and really awakening to the advantages of 3D Modeling, but now your client has asked for a coordinated BIM model as a deliverable. 

The pressure is real! A pretty 3D model’s not going to make the cut, this model is going beyond your office (and the larger design team). 

We can assist you with on-project BIM support and Model Coordination.

Into the clouds

Cloud services Implementation

You’re working with other consultants and project stakeholders all across the country/world. Having a Common Data Environment (CDE) in the cloud ensures that the right information, reaches the right people, at the right time, anywhere.

Our specialists in the Autodesk Construction Platform can help guide your team in implementing and efficiently using this powerhouse of products for your next collaborative BIM project.

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