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Our Design Technology consultants and qualified Autodesk instructors are standing by.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

We help architects, engineers and construction specialists streamline and digitize their processes through digital transformation, connected cloud services, and the power of Building Information Modelling.

Product Design, Manufacturing & Mining

We help product design & manufacturing professionals automate their workflows - from conceptual design and digital prototypes, to automated design to manufacturing processes, helping reduce cost, production time and saving on costly rework.

Data Management & Business Solutions

We help companies better manage their data, for increased security, accessibility and collaboration via onsite and cloud-based data management solutions.

Helping you design and engineer a better future.

We specialise in helping professionals in the business of design & engineering overcome inefficiencies in their workflow by using technology & people as enablers of ultimate productivity.

We treat every client as a unique individual with specific requirements. Every interaction starts with our consultants asking key questions in order to better understand your work so that we can begin the process of helping you achieve your objectives.

Our ethos is to always provide our clients with the best solution in order to accelerate the pace to achieving their objectives and potential.

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Weekly One on One's with industry experts


Most companies, regardless of industry and size need expert advice from consultants at some point during their existence.

At its core, our Consulting Subscription service operates on a flexible consumption model (FCM), enabling organisations to acquire specialist guidance within a set budget and scope. And because for most business, it simply is not feasible to bring all of the skills they need to grow and develop in-house, the Consulting Subscription is providing a fit for purpose vehicle to benefit from class-leading expertise, with the minimum of risk, cost, and time.

Preventing issues from happening before they become a problem via our ongoing consulting and support services will open new avenues of productivity in your organisation.

One on one sessions with our industry experts are more important now than ever before due to remote working arrangements. Whether employees are working from home and lack the physical presence of colleagues who they can turn to for help, or if you simply want to make sure you are making the best use your software, hardware, and human capital investments – as your trusted technology experts, we are here to help.


Our consultants work with clients on a recurring basis. This rather than selling a product and walking away, we become embedded in the daily business of our customers, as we help them succeed. We offer constant customer engagement as we work to understand the evolving strategic and operational requirements of your business.

Specialist skills on demand

The range of specialist skills available on demand as a service means that even start-ups can very rapidly acquire a full suite of skills comparable with a mature and established business entity. And because we work across a range of clients in differing industries, we bring the benefit of our ever-evolving experience.

From training, Implementation and Template Setup to workflow and more!

How does it work?

We work closely with your in-house teams and key staff, acting as an extension of your own resources.
The Consulting Subscription allows our consultants to be embedded, making progress immediately compared to traditional “as-needed” consultants and consulting interventions.

We follow a cyclical agile model, which ensures constant fine-tuning of the guidance provided, underpinned by performance metrics and constant communication therefore, an ongoing and iterative collaboration is often preferred to a one-off engagement.

  • Designed around your needs, this service allows you one on one access to our experts at a frequency and duration that suits your budget.
  • All engagements are done remotely using video conferencing software and can cover a range of topics, unique to your requirements.
  • Weekly check-ins with our consultants’ help ensure accountability and quick resolution times to issues.
    Between engagement dates, we encourage subscribers to keep track of advice that is sought and questions that arise ready to put forward to our experts before the weekly consultation date so that the most value can be extracted from the interaction as possible.
  • Over and above questions and answers, our consultants will plan the engagements so that the most value is extracted from each session, this includes tips & tricks, workflow suggestions, helpful tools and more.
  • Each session is recorded so that the user can play the session back at a later stage.

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Example 2

What are the benefits?

For The User

  • You aren’t left on your own and can rest assured knowing that once a week you’ll have access to industry experts who will be dedicated to your success, answering and investigating any issues you may have.
  • You’ll increase your value as you learn to work more effective and efficiently.
  • You’ll learn about new features when they become available so that you can start benefiting from them as soon as possible.
  • You’ll build relationships with our consultants which will allow them to better understand your level of knowledge and workflow which will have an exponential effect on the value gained from each session.
  • Specialist skills on demand.
  • Modena Support Portal access.

For The Employer/Management

  • You are kept up to date regarding the skills in your
    organisation with monthly management reports on all of
    our consulting interventions.
  • Employees will be equipped with knowledge of the latest features
    and proper use thereof, enabling them to fully utilise your
    software investment.
  • Users will always be using the software in the most efficient
    way possible
    , avoiding the need to employ extra
    personnel to overcome efficiency issues – allowing you to do
    more with less achieving full ROI on a Consulting Subscription
    very early on.
  • Improved morale as you
    invest in your valued employees and give them the help they need
    to perform their duties well.
  • You’ll build a closer working relationship with Modena, allowing
    us to better understand your company, exponentially increasing
    the value
    we are able to provide.
  • Financial flexibility and risk reduction.
  • Better cashflow management.
  • Discounts on training & additional consulting time.

Our consultants will be dedicated to your success

What's Included?

  • Modena Support Portal Access
  • Activation & onboarding
  • Technical support.
  • Data migration.
  • Workflow Analysis & Recommendations
  • Implementation & Template Setup
  • Model Heath Checks
  • On-Project Support
  • General Q&A
  • Software Installations
  • BIM standards creation.
  • Connected workflows.
  • Business / digital transformation.
  • Access to all Modena technology experts
  • Software service pack, update & hotfix & Optimisations
  • Collaboration & Cloud consulting
  • Workshops
  • Upskill Training
  • Workstation Hardware Advice

For any business seeking a rapid injection of expertise to boost their business performance, launch a new offering, prepare the business for a new phase, or any other need where expert advise is sought in the business of design, our Consulting Subscription provides the means to do so in a cost controlled and risk mitigated manner. Not only will Modena specialists work hand-in-hand with your internal teams, they will work tirelessly to become a trusted partner by achieving your required results in the minimum time.

Our only metric of success is your success.

Our entire team standing by to help

Who you'll have access to.

Subscription Specialists

Standing by to help you with any queries relating to your software subscription, such as assistance on how to access your subscription, find out when your contract is due for renewal or ask for help with using your subscription management website, the subscription team have you covered.

Support Specialists

If you are struggling to install your software or if its crashing, freezing, or simply not working the way you expect it to, our Support Specialists are standing by to hear about the issue, and then suggest a solution as quickly as possible.

Consulting Specialists

Our industry-specific consulting specialists work closely with you to understand your workflow and to advise on the best way to implement solutions. They have developed their real-world skills and experience by using these products in organisations like yours.

Something to suit every requirement

What are the Consulting Subscription options?

Discounts increase according to subscription duration. We can customize both the duration of the subscription as well as the frequency of the consulting interventions. Please contact your Account Manager for a customized quotation to suit your exact requirements and team size.


1 Month Commitment
R 3600 Per Month
  • Included Hours Per Week: Up to 1
  • Unlimited Support Portal Access
  • Additional Time: R900 p/h
  • 10% off online public training courses
  • Saving: 10%


3 Month Commitment
3400 Per Month
  • Included Hours Per Week: Up to 1
  • Unlimited Support Portal Access
  • Additional Time: R850 p/h
  • 15% off online public training courses.
  • Saving: 15%


6 Month Commitment
R 3200 Per Month
  • Included Hours Per Week: Up to 1
  • Unlimited Support Portal Access
  • Additional Time: R800 p/h
  • 20% off online public training courses.
  • Saving: 20%


12 Month Commitment
R 3000 Per Month
  • Included Hours Per Week: Up to 1
  • Unlimited Support Portal Access
  • Additional Time: R750 p/h
  • 25% off online public training courses.
  • Saving: 25%
  • Price excludes VAT.
  • “Additional Time” discount excludes bulk time project costs, such as Vault and Autodesk Construction Cloud implementations.
  • Price is per “named user/s”, who will be the central point of contact at your company for the Consulting Subscription/s, however consultation sessions can be delegated to any employee at your company. If you have 2 or more Consulting Subscriptions, there will be the corresponding number of named users for the subscriptions and the number of included hours per week will increase proportionally.
  • Example 1: Company ABC has 1 Consulting Subscription, with Thabo as the named user. Once a week our consultant checks in with Thabo by default, but at any stage Thabo is able to pass his weekly check in on to another employee in their company, or bring any other user/s in to the same 1 hour session for a meeting or collaborative session.
  • Example 2: Company XZY has 2 Consulting Subscriptions, one for Sally and one for John. Both Sally and John are the named users, and are the employees at the who our consultants will check in with once a week. If however, Sally hears that her colleague, Jenny, needs some assistance with a workflow for a new project they are working on, Sally can delegate her weekly check-in to Jenny, or both Sally and Jenny can join in on the 1 hour check-in together with our consultant.
  • Support Portal access is for the logging of consulting tickets to be attended to during the 1 hour weekly scheduled check-in, or for software crashing, freezing & installation support which will be attended to within a maximum of 4 hours from us receiving the ticket (Mon-Fri, 08:00 – 16:30).
  • 1-month deposit is paid on commencement of the subscription, at the end of each month thereafter, and then the last month is settled with the original deposit.

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