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Data Management
3D Laser Scanning

Workflow Assessment

Strategic Planning for Efficiency

Unlock your team’s productivity with our Workflow Assessment. 

We delve into your current operations to uncover areas for improvement, offering insights into hardware, software, and training enhancements to streamline your workflow. 

Benefit from our cross-industry expertise and elevate your team’s performance.

Implementation & Template Setup

Foundation for BIM and Digital Prototyping

Initiate your journey to intelligent modeling with our Implementation and Template Setup services. 

We offer tailored training to prepare your team, and then assist with the complex tasks of setting up templates and implementing data management solutions. 

This ensures a smooth transition, with your files organized for quick access and efficient project launches.

Model Health Check

Optimization at Every Stage

With our Model Health Check, we assess the proficiency of your team’s design and modeling techniques. 

We identify inefficiencies, bad habits, and skill gaps, presenting a detailed report with actionable recommendations. 

This service is vital for identifying inefficiencies and ensuring you’re utilizing your chosen software optimally.

Companies We've Helped

Collaboration and On-project Support

Enhanced Team Performance and Delivery

Elevate your team’s capabilities with our Collaboration and On-project Support.

As your projects demand more complex BIM and digital protype deliverables, we’re here to assist with expert model coordination and support, ensuring that your team exceeds client expectations.

Speak to us about our BIM management outsource services.

Dynamo Development Services

Increased Efficiency

Transform your design process with our Dynamo Development Services.

Dynamo’s visual programming enables automation and optimization of workflows in BIM and digital prototyping.

Simplify complex tasks and save countless hours with our expert guidance, leveraging this powerful tool for streamlined project execution.

Cloud Services Implementation

Global Collaboration Made Simple

Facilitate global teamwork with our Cloud Services Implementation. 

By leveraging various solutions including Autodesk Cloud Platforms and Vault, we help you create a Common Data Environment (CDE). 

This gives all stakeholders access to an efficient and accurate flow of information, from anywhere in the world.

Consulting Subscription Plans

Continuous, Affordable Consulting

Our Consulting Subscription offers a flexible and more affordable way to access our expert consulting services. 

Ideal for businesses that need ongoing, specialized guidance without the commitment of a full-time consultant, this subscription allows you to tap into our expertise as needed. With just a monthly fee, you gain weekly access to our consultants for one hour, providing a consistent touchpoint for support, advice, and problem-solving. 

Tailor your subscription to your needs: the longer you subscribe, the more cost-effective it becomes. This service is designed to fit your budget and scope, minimizing risk and maximizing value, ensuring you have the skills and support necessary to thrive.


1 Month Commitment
R 3600 Per Month
  • Included Hours Per Week: Up to 1
  • Unlimited Support Portal Access
  • 10% off online public training courses
  • Saving: 10%


3 Month Commitment
R 3400 Per Month
  • Included Hours Per Week: Up to 1
  • Unlimited Support Portal Access
  • 15% off online public training courses.
  • Saving: 15%


6 Month Commitment
R 3200 Per Month
  • Included Hours Per Week: Up to 1
  • Unlimited Support Portal Access
  • 20% off online public training courses.
  • Saving: 20%


12 Month Commitment
R 3000 Per Month
  • Included Hours Per Week: Up to 1
  • Unlimited Support Portal Access
  • 25% off online public training courses.
  • Saving: 25%
  • Price excludes VAT.
  • “Additional Time” discount excludes bulk time project costs, such as Vault and Autodesk Construction Cloud implementations.
  • Price is per “named user/s”, who will be the central point of contact at your company for the Consulting Subscription/s, however consultation sessions can be delegated to any employee at your company. If you have 2 or more Consulting Subscriptions, there will be the corresponding number of named users for the subscriptions and the number of included hours per week will increase proportionally.
  • Example 1: Company ABC has 1 Consulting Subscription, with Thabo as the named user. Once a week our consultant checks in with Thabo by default, but at any stage Thabo is able to pass his weekly check in on to another employee in their company, or bring any other user/s in to the same 1 hour session for a meeting or collaborative session.
  • Example 2: Company XZY has 2 Consulting Subscriptions, one for Sally and one for John. Both Sally and John are the named users, and are the employees at the who our consultants will check in with once a week. If however, Sally hears that her colleague, Jenny, needs some assistance with a workflow for a new project they are working on, Sally can delegate her weekly check-in to Jenny, or both Sally and Jenny can join in on the 1 hour check-in together with our consultant.
  • Support Portal access is for the logging of consulting tickets to be attended to during the 1 hour weekly scheduled check-in, or for software crashing, freezing & installation support which will be attended to within a maximum of 4 hours from us receiving the ticket (Mon-Fri, 08:00 – 16:30).
  • 1-month deposit is paid on commencement of the subscription, at the end of each month thereafter, and then the last month is settled with the original deposit.

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