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Customers who have upgraded to Modena Computers have reported up to 80% reductions in processing time.

PassMark® Benchmark Score Comparison

Standard Configuration
Modena Computers Vulcan

Based on Intel Core i7 13700K as of 22nd of October 2023.

Higher results represent better performance.

Designed specifically for AEC & PDM

Each system is built with cutting-edge technologies, assembled by experts, and maintained with unparalleled support.

The aim is to provide exactly the system you need to achieve your goals.

Modena Computers has helped some of SA's top firms

3-Year Warranty & Lifetime Hardware Support

Fit for Purpose

Premium Parts & Advanced Cooling

No Bloatware

Meticulous Assembly

Extensive Testing Process

Set Up & Ready to Go

Longevity & Extreme Reliability

The question you need to ask yourself...

“Why are they using Modena Computers, and I’m not?”

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