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Real-time Rendering With Live Link & VR

We empower architects and designers to create beautiful visuals in real-time by leveraging their planning data.

Visualize as You Design

Enscape plugs directly into your modeling software, giving you an integrated visualization and design workflow. It is the easiest and fastest way to turn your models into immersive 3D experiences by eliminating the inconveniences of production, shortening the feedback loop, and giving you more time to design.

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Breathe Life into Your Work

Bridge the gap between design and reality.

Real-time Walk-through

Create a fully rendered 3D walk-through of your project, which can be navigated and explored from every angle, in any time of day. 

With the live link between Enscape and your CAD program, you can follow every update to your plan instantly. 

Visual Settings

Take full control of your design by adjusting everything from the time of day to the clouds in the sky. You can even add volumetric fog and rays. 

Other settings include depth of field, white mode, lighting analysis with the light view, filters with image effects, ortho and perspective views, and BIM info.

Virtual Reality

Explore your design in the compelling realism of virtual reality. Connect a VR headset like the Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive in a snap and get ready to walk or fly through your project. 

You won’t believe the extraordinary experience it will evoke.

Asset Library

Our ever-expanding Asset Library will help you fill your scene with life and make it even more realistic. 

Browse through just a small selection of our collection, so you can get a feel for the available models. We’re always adding more and more to the already existing 1570 assets.

Export Functions

Enscape offers a variety of options to share or collaborate with anyone; design teams, clients and other stakeholders can easily explore your 3D rendered design. 

And guess what? They won’t need any special software or superpowered computers.

And more...

Enscape Success Story - Overland Partners

Recently Enscape stopped by in San Antonio, Texas, to check in with one of the top architecture firms in the US, Overland Partners. They gave us a look at how they have used Enscape to optimize their workflow and aid in the presentation and communication of their remarkable designs.

Beyond the benefits to the internal process, Enscape has facilitated better communication between Overland and their clients. Presenting a design in a way that allows the client to fully understand the work is crucial to a project. Enscape removes the need to explain floor plans in detail to clients who most likely have little experience reading them.

As Overland Partners continues to develop projects across the globe, Enscape is there to streamline their design and presentation process. “It’s a fundamental problem of the human condition,” says Shemwell, “…trying to communicate ideas effectively and for us Enscape and VR in general are one of those things where it creates the most equal experience for a client and a creator.” Whether it is facilitating internal communication, or clearly communicating a design to the client, Enscape supports Overland where they need it the most.

Why Choose Modena?

Autodesk Platinum Partner

Modena is the only Autodesk Platinum Partner in Africa. Our Platinum Partner status indicates a significant investment in consulting and development services as well as having demonstrated an ability to deliver the highest level of solution expertise, service, support, and customer satisfaction.

Authorised Training Centre

Our ATC accreditation is your catalyst to career advancement. Use our training center and staff of approved instructors to master products and earn professional certification and badging. Our Autodesk Certified Instructors are recognized by the worldwide Autodesk Learning Partner community.

Experienced Staff

All our technical staff are Certified Professionals & Instructors, with vast experience in their respective fields. With over 70 staff members throughout our group of companies, Modena has combined knowledge that is virtually unmatched in our field, that our clients benefit from on a daily basis.

AEC & PDM Specialised

We have dedicated, highly-skilled teams specialising in Architectural, Engineering & Construction, as well as Product Design, Manufacturing & Mining. As interoperability between programs increases, so does your need for a partner that is able to seamlessly move between both industries.

Proven Track Record

Winner of numerous achievement awards, Modena is proud to be Autodesk’s largest partner in Africa, with more than 70 skilled personnel. Modena has the expertise and experience to analyse needs, then recommend, implement and support the world’s best design technology solutions.

Socially Responsible

We promote an ethical balance between the dual mandates of striving for profitability and benefiting society as a whole. We keep cognisance of our responsibility to our employees and their families as we go about our business dealings.

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