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iDAS Infrastructure Design Automation Suite

​Devotech iDAS provides the engineering industry with automated design functionality within your Autodesk® Civil 3D® interface.

​Devotech iDAS allows advanced design features for:

​Devotech iDAS converts your Autodesk Civil 3D into a full BIM design application, allowing you to do all the facets of design, without importing or exporting data to other design or analysis modules or applications.

Devotech iDAS builds on top of the Autodesk Civil 3D database, and allows you to share your design with other designers who do not own the Devotech iDAS product. They can edit and change the design, then give it back to you to re-analyse the model, or do further design adjustments with Devotech iDAS based on the adjusted data. This allows you complete freedom to share your designs with any designer, anywhere in the world on the Autodesk Civil 3D platform, without losing any design or analysis input or output.

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Devotech iDAS Overview Videos

These videos cover a design process for the following project types:

  • Urban roads design
  • Stormwater networks
  • Sewer networks
  • Water reticulation networks
  • Bulk water pipelines

​If you enquire an overview for the other project types or features, please contact us.

​When we created the urban roads design overview videos, we compared how much time would the design take in Autodesk Civil 3D with and without Devotech iDAS. The details can be seen on the Urban Roads Design Project Comparison website.

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