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R47,500.00 ex VAT

Explore the possibilities of RealityCapture

Explore the possibilities of RealityCapture

RealityCapture is the state-of-the-art photogrammetry software solution that is changing the industry.

It is currently the fastest solution on the market, which brings effectivity to your work and allows you to focus on your targets.

Create virtual reality scenes, textured 3D meshes, orthographic projections, geo-referenced maps and much more from images and/or laser scans completely automatically.

R47,500.00 ex VAT

  • Perpetual License
  • Offline use
  • Unlimited Exports
  • Unlimited number of images and laser scans.
  • CLI Scripting
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High-end workstation PC’s designed specifically for RealityCapture and the programs you use.
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Mobile photogrammetry

Take photos on your DSLR, or even your phone, and transform them into accurate 3D models. 

Contextual Visualisation

Visualize your design in its future setting, not just in isolation.

Varied and diverse use cases

Photogrammetry can be used for everything from baseline documentation to detailed terrain surveys.

Post-Processing and Compatibility

Get optimized 3D models for use in external CAD or visualization software.

RealityCapture PPI in small architecture studios

  • Possibility to use the software ad-hoc
  • Download software for free, it never expires – use it only when required
  • Pay only when satisfied with result – license your inputs
  • PPI credits never expire
  • User knows exactly how much the project will cost – possibility to add the exact amount to client’s invoice


Simplify mapping work

Combine multiple coordinate system in one project.

AI Classify Tool

AI Classify can distinguish bare ground from other objects and generate digital terrain models. 

On-site processing

Minimal hardware requirements allow you to check your data anywhere. 

Inspect your data and add missing photos directly in the field.

Available exports

  • Full-color point clouds
  • 3D textured meshes
  • Level of Detail (LOD) models
  • Georeferenced Maps
  • Orthographic Projections
  • DSMs, DTMs
  • Map & Quality Reports
  • Export supports all standard formats.

Game & VFX

Create 3D model from photos

Use photos taken with your phone or DSLR to recreate 3D objects and environments. 

Build whole environments

Build your own environment from real world objects and create truly immersive experience. 

Create authentic digital doubles

Obtain clean detailed meshes with picture-perfect textures. 

Post-Processing tools

Filter unwanted parts, smooth and simplify your mesh to achieve the best possible result. 

Powerful CLI

Work from the command line or use scripts to automate repetitive tasks.

3D Printing

Photogrammetry in 3D printing

Replace manual modelling and speed up your creative workflow.


Easily edit and re-design the reality-captured models. 

Create authentic digital replicas

Obtain clean detailed meshes with picture-perfect textures.

Keep your memories alive

Preserve precious memories from your childhood with accurate 3D models of special places

Projects created with RealityCapture

RealityCapture and 3ds Max

RealityCapture in Architecture​

Preserving Sri Lanka's Heritage

3D Scanning Czocha Castle

Cultural Heritage

Accurate models and detailed documentation

Combine the accuracy of LiDAR with the detail and color of photogrammetry to create high resolution, high accuracy models of cultural heritage sites. Detailed documentation of specific monuments aids in the active conservation and comparative analysis.

Accessible to everybody

Photogrammetry is a non – destructive way to preserve heritage sites and make them available to the public.

Creating digital replicas

Use crowdsourced photos to reconstruct damaged objects and sites.

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