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Autodesk Platinum

We are SA's highest accredited Autodesk partner.

Certified Consultants

All our sales & tech consultants are fully certified by Autodesk.

Central Location

Located in the iconic Portside Tower in the Cape Town CBD.

Support & Training

We provide the all the help you need to do your best work.

Support Credits

R300.00R3,750.00 ex VAT

Reduce downtime with responsive support that’s just a few clicks away.

  • Software download, installation/uninstallation and deployment creation.
  • Autodesk account management & portal assistance.
  • Serial number and sign in license activation.
  • Network License Manager setup & changes.
  • Troubleshooting error codes and software crashes.
  • Direct remote TeamViewer login.
  • Basic customisation (migrate workspaces, tool palettes, acad.pgp and more)
  • Hardware performance diagnostics.
  • Priority first-in-line support queue < 2 hour response.
  • Plotting and printing issues.
  • System driver updates and performance optimisation.
  • EXCLUDES: Consulting Services.
  • EXCLUDES: Onsite Support.
  • EXCLUDES: How-to training questions.
  • EXCLUDES: BIM 360/Fusion Teams account activation, admin setup and custom documentation.

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What is a Credit?

Let’s start by what a “credit” is defined as. A Credit is a single instance of support whereby Modena
assists you over and above the complimentary self-help email sent when a ticket is logged via
email or the support site.

What is covered under a Credit?

A Support Credit will cover, and it’s value covers the total amount of effort required to resolve, the
following three types of issues:
1. Licensing / Activation errors
2. Autodesk Account Management
3. Installation help

What is not covered?

At this point, we are only covering the three abovementioned types of issues. Resolving more than
one issue on a single Credit is not covered. For example, if you are spending a Credit on
Installation help, and we have completed the installation, we will not activate the software also on
the same Credit since that falls into another category and will require another Credit to be used.
We will, however, always provide a complimentary self-help email before asking for another Credit
to be spent.

What if my Credits run out?

More Credits can be purchased at any point in time and they do not expire. If no Credits are
available you will be charged the standard single-instance support cost. You will however still
receive a complimentary self-help email before being charged.

Why Choose Modena?

Autodesk Platinum Partner

As Africa's sole Autodesk Platinum Partner, Modena invests heavily in consulting and development services, delivering exceptional solution expertise, service, support, and customer satisfaction.

Authorised Training Centre

Get certified and advance your career with our ATC accreditation. Use our approved instructors to master products and earn professional certification and badging, recognised by the Autodesk community worldwide.

Experienced Staff

Benefit from our highly experienced staff, comprising certified professionals and instructors in their respective fields. With over 70 staff members across our group, we offer unmatched knowledge in our field, benefiting our clients daily.

AEC & PDM Specialised

Access our highly-skilled teams specialising in Architectural, Engineering & Construction, Product Design, Manufacturing & Mining. As program interoperability increases, trust a partner who masters all these industries.

Proven Track Record

As Autodesk's largest partner in Africa, Modena boasts numerous achievement awards. Trust our expertise and experience to analyze your needs, recommend, implement, and support the world's best design technology solutions.

Socially Responsible

We maintain an ethical balance between profitability and societal benefit, acknowledging our responsibility to our employees and their families in all business dealings.

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