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Twinmotion Fundamentals

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Twinmotion is a real-time rendering software that enables users to produce high-end presentations to communicate design intent through visualizations, including image stills, animations, 360 panoramas, and virtual reality. The program is versatile and caters to many different industries, from architecture and engineering to manufacturing and site design.

In this course we will teach the fundamental concepts necessary to navigate and produce visualizations using Twinmotion. This course is intended for individuals that have some existing knowledge with other design/visualization authoring software. It is an interactive session that will include time for questions and answers. You will learn the different methods of importing model data in to Twinmotion leveraging the Direct Link add-in for Revit, as well as importing FBX and other 3D file formats. You will learn how to construct a Twinmotion project using the default tools and utilities included in the Twinmotion software. You will learn how to navigate the user interface and create images, videos, panoramas, and presentations. At the conclusion of this course, students will be comfortable in using Twinmotion to produce presentation quality visualizations.

Who Should Attend?

This course is a great starting point for someone who does not have any experience working with Twinmotion, or someone who is self-taught and needs a better understanding of the program in order to work more efficiently.

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R4,500.00 ex VAT

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The Twinmotion Fundamentals course is designed for those using Twinmotion with a Windows operating system. This course is not designed for Twinmotion for Mac.

Topics Covered

Importing 3D model data

  • Pros and cons of link versus import

Learning the user interface

Navigating the project scene

Creating initial site context

  • Background image

Transforming objects in the project (move, scale, rotate)


  • Assigning materials
  • Adjusting material properties
  • Creating (duplicating) materials
  • Mapping new textures for custom materials

Placing objects from the Twinmotion asset library

  • Editing object properties
  • Replacing existing objects

Site and location tools

  • Setting location, date, time, north angle
  • Importing site context using the OpenStreet Maps utility
  • Placing vegetation
  • Painting vegetation
  • Vegetation scatter

User Library

  • Add content and manage a custom user library

Media creation

  • Final adjustments
  • Media specific settings (Media mode)
  • Applying and copying ambience in videos

Media output

  • Images – adjust camera settings and formats
  • Videos – keyframe videos and adjust transitions
  • Panoramas – adjust settings


A working knowledge of basic design procedures and terminology (recommended but not required).

Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

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