Vault Upgrades & Preventative Maintenance

Modena helps you keep your Vault running as efficiently and safely as possible. 

Save your organisation thousands by mitigating lost productivity

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Vault Care

R950.00R1,929.95 ex VAT

Vault Care is your Autodesk Vault Data Management maintenance solution. Minimise disruptions to your workflow via ongoing preventative monitoring, management and protection interventions.

Often companies look after their financial systems more than their revenue-generating technical systems, but your drawing and design data is one of your most valuable assets, and should be treated as such.

Having a Vault Care subscription can easily save your organisation thousands by mitigating lost productivity and will, as a result, achieve a full return on investment in no time!

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What’s Included?

  • Yearly Vault Version Upgrade Install.
  • Yearly Content Center Migration.
  • New version “What’s New” Video.
  • User Vault Application Support.
  • Product Updates, Patches and Hotfix Installations.
    • Installed as they become available after first being tested and verified by Modena in a secure location.
  • Cloud Backups.(Optional)
    • 24/7 secure cloud backups.
  • User Management.
    • Adding/removing new users, assigning rights/permissions.
  • Future Vault Planning.
    • Ongoing communication on how to best adapt your Vault to suit your business requirements.
  • Monthly Remote Check-ups Including:
    • Backup Validation: Ensuring backups are taking place.
    • Defragmenting and optimising the database.
    • SQL growth checks.
    • Job queue maintenance.
    • Rebuilding of search indexes.
    • Reindex file properties.
    • Management Health Report.

All of the above is offered via a low monthly subscription fee.

What’s not included?

  • Onsite support.
  • New Vault Installations or Product upgrades (Eg: Vault Basic to Vault Workgroup)
  • Software Licences.
  • Anything not specifically mentioned.

Terms and Conditions

  • By signing up to this service, you agree to pay the monthly subscription costs for 1 year.
  • Should you cancel before 1 calendar year has lapsed, you will be invoiced a cancellation fee equal the value of the remaining monthly subscription costs of your contract.
  • The cancellation fee is to compensate Modena for future planning and work that takes place preemptively due to the nature of Vault and good Data Management practices.
  • Please note: a Vault Care subscription is only sold in addition to an initial Vault Implementation or Vault Upgrade service.

Why Choose Modena

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Autodesk Platinum Partner

Modena is the only Autodesk Platinum Partner in Africa. Our Platinum Partner status indicates a significant investment in consulting and development services as well as having demonstrated an ability to deliver the highest level of solution expertise, service, support, and customer satisfaction.​

AEC & PDM Specialised

We have dedicated, highly-skilled teams specialising in Architectural, Engineering & Construction, as well as Product Design, Manufacturing & Mining. As interoperability between programs increases, so does your need for a partner that is able to seamlessly move between both industries.​

Authorised Training Centre

Our ATC accreditation is your catalyst to career advancement. Use our training center and staff of approved instructors to master products and earn professional certification and badging. Our Autodesk Certified Instructors are recognized by the worldwide Autodesk Learning Partner community.​

Proven Track Record

Winner of numerous achievement awards, Modena is proud to be Autodesk’s largest partner in Africa, with more than 70 skilled personnel. Modena has the expertise and experience to analyse needs, then recommend, implement and support the world’s best design technology solutions.

Experienced Staff

All our technical staff are Certified Professionals & Instructors, with vast experience in their respective fields. With over 70 staff members throughout our group of companies, Modena has combined knowledge that is virtually unmatched in our field, that our clients benefit from on a daily basis.​

Socially Responsible

We promote an ethical balance between the dual mandates of striving for profitability and benefiting society as a whole. We keep cognisance of our responsibility to our employees and their families as we go about our business dealings.

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