Vault Care

R950.00R1,929.95 ex VAT

Vault Care is your Autodesk Vault Data Management maintenance solution designed to help keep your Vault running as efficiently and safely as possible – helping you minimise disruptions to your workflow via ongoing preventative monitoring, management and protection interventions.

Often companies look after their financial systems more than their revenue-generating technical systems, but your drawing and design data is one of your most valuable assets, and should be treated as such.

Having a Vault Care subscription can easily save your organisation thousands by mitigating lost productivity and will, as a result, achieve a full return on investment in no time!

We're not your software vendor - we are your business partner.

We pride ourselves in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. We are less interested in once-off “transactional” customer deals, but instead strive for ongoing reciprocal relationships, with a long-term mutually beneficial focus. This approach has allowed us to add exceptional value to our customers, their value-chain, and their businesses.

Allow us to help you and your business achieve its goals, by partnering with us today.

Get the best Return On Investment


What’s Included?

  • Yearly Vault Version Upgrade Install.
  • Yearly Content Center Migration.
  • New version “What’s New” Video.
  • User Vault Application Support.
  • Product Updates, Patches and Hotfix Installations.
    • Installed as they become available after first being tested and verified by Modena in a secure location.
  • Cloud Backups.(Optional)
    • 24/7 secure cloud backups.
  • User Management.
    • Adding/removing new users, assigning rights/permissions.
  • Future Vault Planning.
    • Ongoing communication on how to best adapt your Vault to suit your business requirements.
  • Monthly Remote Check-ups Including:
    • Backup Validation: Ensuring backups are taking place.
    • Defragmenting and optimising the database.
    • SQL growth checks.
    • Job queue maintenance.
    • Rebuilding of search indexes.
    • Reindex file properties.
    • Management Health Report.

All of the above is offered via a low monthly subscription fee.

What’s not included?

  • Onsite support.
  • New Vault Installations or Product upgrades (Eg: Vault Basic to Vault Workgroup)
  • Software Licences.
  • Anything not specifically mentioned.

Terms and Conditions

  • By signing up to this service, you agree to pay the monthly subscription costs for 1 year.
  • Should you cancel before 1 calendar year has lapsed, you will be invoiced a cancellation fee equal the value of the remaining monthly subscription costs of your contract.
  • The cancellation fee is to compensate Modena for future planning and work that takes place preemptively due to the nature of Vault and good Data Management practices.
  • Please note: a Vault Care subscription is only sold in addition to an initial Vault Implementation or Vault Upgrade service.

Additional information

Vault Version

Basic, Workgroup, Professional

Number of Users

1-5 User, 6-10 User, 11-50 User