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Unlimited access to our decicated software support portal


Most software vendors, such as Autodesk provide direct, limited support as part of your software subscription. Please feel free to access your bundled support HERE.

If on the other hand, you would prefer support through Modena, this is made available via the Modena Support Subscription, and is your first step to hassle-free use of your software investment with responsive, local support when you need it.

Via our ongoing support subscription, we are here to help solve issues before you spend hours trying to sort them out yourself, which will open new avenues of productivity in your organisation.

The more time you spend fulling an IT function my trying to troubleshoot software bugs and issues, or having to wait on IT to assist, the less time you spend doing your job.


Modena Support Portal

How does it work?

Support requests can be submitted anytime via phone, e mail or through the self-service portal. The Modena Support team will respond to all requests within 4 hours from the date and time that the request was submitted. The Helpdesk technician will provide you with:

  1. An immediate resolution to the problem
  2. A notification of the estimated time to provide the Designated contact with a resolution or workaround in the case where the technician’s discretion requires research or escalation

There are multiple ways to submit your support requests and initiate a case log:

  • Support Portal:
  • Phone: 021 794 0702
    Telephone support is available between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm SAST on business days, but requests can be submitted anytime.
  • E mail:

To log a case, be prepared to provide your name, e mail address, phone number, application name and version and a description of the issue.

Everyone benefits

What are the benefits?

For The User

  • You aren’t left on your own and can rest assured knowing that you’ll have access to experts who will be dedicated to answering and investigating any issues you may have.
  • You’ll increase your value as you learn to work more effective and efficiently.
  • You’ll have local support.
  • You won’t need to wait for IT to assist you with issues which might be causing problems with your design software, such as outdated drivers.

For The Employer/Management

  • Employees will have access to experts dedicated to helping remove potential bottlenecks to their productivity in order to fully utilize your software investment.
  • The software will be kept running in the most efficient way possible, avoiding the need to employ extra personnel to overcome efficiency issues – allowing you to do more with less achieving full ROI on the Support Subscription very early on.
  • Improved moral as you invest in human capital and give them the help they need to perform their jobs.
  • You’ll build a closer working relationship with Modena, allowing us to better understand your company, exponentially increasing the value we are able to provide.
  • You’ll reduce IT costs and workloads.

included services depend on subscription tier chosen

What's Included?

We’re here to help prevent and solve any issues that stand in the way of you opening and using your software, such as:

  • Unlimited Modena Support Portal Access
  • Activation & onboarding
  • Technical support.
  • Email support.
  • Telephonic support.
  • Remote Access (Teamviewer).
  • Autodesk account management assistance.
  • License activation.
  • Software installation troubleshooting assistance.
  • Deployment creation.
  • Workstation hardware advice.
  • Driver installations.
  • Network license manager creation & installation.
  • Crashing and freezing troubleshooting.
  • Glitches & general error code troubleshooting.
  • Software service pack, update & hotfix installations.

Whats not included?

  • Vault Support –> Please contact us for options.
    • Vault Helpdesk is in addition to the core and vertical support options above and includes Email Support, Phone Support, and Unlimited Remote Access (Teamviewer).
  • Consulting & Training –> View Consulting Subscription. 
    • Best described as “How to use the software in the most efficient way possible”.

Our entire team standing by to help

Who you'll have access to.

Depending on if you choose a Modena Support or Consulting Subscription, you’ll have different levels of access to our team.

Subscription Specialists

Standing by to help you with any queries relating to your software subscription, such as assistance on how to access your subscription, find out when your contract is due for renewal or ask for help with using your subscription management website, the subscription team have you covered.

Support Specialists

If you are struggling to install your software or if its crashing, freezing, or simply not working the way you expect it to, our Support Specialists are standing by to hear about the issue, and then suggest a solution as quickly as possible.

Consulting Specialists

Our industry-specific consulting specialists work closely with you to understand your workflow and to advise on the best way to implement solutions. They have developed their real-world skills and experience by using these products in organisations like yours.

Something to suit every requirement

What are the Support Subscription options?

Pricing depends on the product type and number of seats for which your require support.

Core Product Support

1-2 Seats
R 3 000 Yearly (R250 p/m)
  • AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT/Revit LT Product Support
  • Autodesk Vertical Product Support

Core Product Support

Unlimited Seats
R 9 000 Yearly (R750 p/m)
  • AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT/Revit LT Product Support
  • Autodesk Vertical Product Support

Vertical Product Support

1 - 2 Seats
R 6 000 Yearly (R500 p/m)
  • AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT/Revit LT Product Support
  • Autodesk Vertical Product Support

Vertical Product Support

Unlimited Seats
R 12 000 Yearly (R1000 p/m)
  • AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT/Revit LT Product Support
  • Autodesk Vertical Product Support
  • Price excludes VAT.
  • Core: AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and Revit LT Suite.
  • Vertical: Revit, Inventor, Navisworks, Civil 3D, Plant 3D, AutoCAD Electrical, Infraworks, Advanced Steel, Twinmotion, Enscape.
  • All requests for support need to be logged via the Support Portal.

Need Consulting and Training as well?

If you need access to support AND ongoing consultation and training services, please view our Consulting Subscription options.

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