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Support Option



What's Included?

Autodesk Support

Support provided via remote Autodesk support staff.

Free for subscribers

Installation, licensing, account setup, and user management.

Autodesk support is great for all Autodesk subscribers. It is included as a benefit in your subscription.

Modena Support

An affordable Support Subscription  directly with Modena for clients and who need fast, responsive, local support.

  • Unlimited Modena Support Portal Access
  • Activation & onboarding
  • Technical support.
  • Email support.
  • Telephonic support.
  • Remote Access (Teamviewer).
  • Autodesk account management assistance.
  • License activation.
  • Software installation troubleshooting assistance.
  • Deployment creation.
  • Workstation hardware advice.
  • Driver installations.
  • Network license manager creation & installation.
  • Crashing and freezing troubleshooting.
  • Glitches & general error code troubleshooting.
  • Software service pack, update & hotfix installations.

Modena Consulting

If the help you need involves workflow automation or advisory services of a consultative nature, please make use of our consulting services.

  • Everything included in the Modena Support Subscription plus…
  • Data migration.
  • Workflow Analysis & Recommendations
  • Implementation & Template Setup
  • Model Heath Checks
  • On-Project Support
  • General Q&A
  • Software Installations
  • BIM standards creation.
  • Connected workflows.
  • Business / digital transformation.
  • Access to all Modena technology experts
  • Collaboration & Cloud consulting
  • Workshops
  • Upskill Training
  • Workstation Hardware Advice
  • Software service pack, update & hotfix & Optimisations

Our entire team standing by to help

Who you'll have access to.

Depending on if you choose a Modena Support or Consulting Subscription, you’ll have different levels of access to our team.

Subscription Specialists

Standing by to help you with queries relating to the management and access to your software subscription, including when it’s due for renewal and assistance with assigning user access on the subscription management website, our Subscription Specialists have you covered.

Support Specialists

If you are struggling to install your software or if it’s crashing, freezing, or simply not working the way you expect it to, our Support Specialists are standing by to log your support query, and and then suggest a solution or applicable workaround as quickly as possible.

Consulting Specialists

Our industry-specific Consulting Specialists work closely with you to understand your workflow and to advise on the best way to implement solutions. They have developed their real-world skills and experience by using these products in organisations similar to yours.

Support VS Consulting - What's the difference?

Support Subscription

We help you deal with things that stand in the way you of you opening your software and using it to do your work.

Analogy: Making sure your car is roadworthy, able to start and drive as the manufacturer intended it to.

With the Support Subscription, we help answer questions like:

“I can’t open my *Insert program name*”.

“*Insert program name*, keeping crashing, when I perform function xyz, please help?”

Consulting Subscription

In addition to what is provided in the Support Subscription, the Consulting Subscription extends the scope to allow us to help with things that stand is the way of you producing the desired output in the required timeframe, in the most efficient way possible.

Analogy: Using your working car, and after you’ve been taught how to drive by attending training, teaching you how to drive in the most efficient manner.

With the Consulting Subscription, we help answer questions like:

“How do you do xyz in *Insert program name?”

“What is the best way to design a 123 in *Insert program name?”

Training Instead?

If the help you need involves workflow automation or advisory services of a consultative nature, please make use of our consulting services.

Log a Ticket

Exclusive to software subscription customers of Modena Technologies.

What's Included?

Exclusive to software subscription customers of Modena Technologies.

Autodesk Download Links

Links to the most commonly used Autodesk software. Can be used in trial mode or activated with your subscription.

Free File Viewers

Make use of these free viewers to view and interact with various file types.

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