Twinmotion Rendering solutions

Modena offers render processing services tailored to your budget and usage requirements. 

Send us your files and choose from different levels of resolution and quality to fit your needs. 

Data Management
3D Laser Scanning

Fast Turnaround

Once we receive your files, we work to get your exports completed and delivered as quickly as possible. 

Please note: We don’t change your designs or settings – we just click render.

The completed model we receive from you is not modified in any way and is deleted from our computers once the renders are complete.

High-End Hardware

Modena makes use of the highest spec Modena Computers, specifically designed to render Twinmotion media in the shortest time possible.

Free up your computing resources and allow us to render for you. 

Rendering Options

Twinmotion Image Rendering

Twinmotion Video Rendering

How it Works

Step 1

Create your designs in Twinmotion and capture your Media (Images, Panoramics & Videos)

Step 2

Prep your Media with all the settings you want, including resolution and quality settings​

Step 3

Do a few low quality Exports/renders to gauge your satisfaction with your settings​

Step 4

Send us your files by using the Twinmotion built-in “resource collector” in the Edit Menu that will zip up all the necessary files

Step 5

We send you your media files as soon as the renders have completed​

Trained Consultants

Deal with our well-trained Twinmotion techs and rest assured that your projects are in good hands. 

Our speed and proficiency will help you ensure you meet your deadlines.

Backup Power

Our workstations are unaffected by loadshedding and experience zero downtime.

This means there is nothing in the way of us getting your exports to you when you expect them.

Ready to get started?

Our team of experts look forward to streamlining your workflow and adding value every step of the way.